self love is not only about loving yourself it also about developing as a human being. As you get older you start to learn that no one is perfect and it is through your mistakes and failures that you grow as a person. You also develop further through your strength and weaknesses throughout life. Below are some ways in which you can improve your life through self-love:

  • Putting ourselves first, not being selfish just putting our needs before others
  • Expressing our true feeling
  • Allowing our body to rest
  • Wearing clothes that makes you feel good
  • Accepting ourselves through the good and bad
  • Having time to do what we love
  • Loving our own self without having to rely on compliments from others to make us feel better
  • Being able to put the past in the past
  • Connecting with our inner self
  • Being able to share our hopes and dreams with others
  • Not blaming others for difficult situations
  • Believing in yourself
  • Allowing yourself to dream big
  • Follow our instincts
  • Allowing ourselves to make mistakes

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