Why Would you not want to visit Scotland?



Loch Katrine

Loch Katrine is a beautiful area in the highlands of Scotland where you can take boat trips and have a lovely lunch. It is also where I got engaged and I am going on holiday after my wedding, so not sure why you wouldn’t not want to visit it.

Whitelee Wind Farm

Whitelee Wind Farm is the largest on shore wind farm in the United Kingdom. It is a lovely place to go for a walk and great for taking the dog. It also has a nice little cafe and a room full of fun facts about wind farms that are great for the kids.




Loudoun Hill

If you like climbing mountains this will be a breeze. Loudoun Hill is a great hill to climb even fun for the kids with a lovely view at the top, though you may meet a couple of animals on your way there.


Arran is a beautiful Island in Scotland. There is so much to see, from lovely places to eat, to golf courses, to gorgeous beaches, to incredible mountains. You could spend days and days there and still have more to see.

Fullarton Fairy Trail

This fairy trail is like no other. You can follow each number through the forest to find magical places the fairies have been and at the end there is a beautiful tree where you can leave your own personal message to hang there forever.

Culzean Castle

Well what can I say about this castle, it is where I spent my childhood summers as my gran and papa had a caravan there, there is so much to see you could spend days there and it is where I an getting married in May. There is places to eat, a shop, a play park, a pond, a garden, animals, forest that leads to the beach and of course the castle.



Dumfries House

Dumfries House is a gorgeous big house with a lovely play park and cafe. It also has a open path ways that never end.


Millport has so much to see and I would recommend you hire a bike where you can cycle right around the island and in and out the town and not miss a site.



Scottish Hills and Mountains

There are so many beautiful mountains and hills in Scotland to see. I feel like I have hardly climbed any with so many more to go, it is a new journey ever time. My favourite is Conic Hill as the view is incredible from the top, even though it was raining we still had a great day.





The Kelpies is somewhere I have been to a few times though they have never changed I would never get bored of seeing them. To see them up close in person I sometimes feel as though it is like meeting a celebrity, Is This Real? Is This Really Happening To Me?

Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is amazing to see and hopefully one day I hope to have a ride on it. There is an lovely park that’s all about playing with water, where I had to drag my daughter away due to her obsession with water. There is also beautiful canal boats passing by to watch sail down the canal.