This city that fought through it all




Auschwitz camps were so upsetting to see. Our tour guide starting crying within the first 5 minutes then that was me off crying too. Seeing all the small rooms where the Jewish people slept, their toilets, all their clothes and the children clothes, especially piles and piles of shoes everywhere. There was also loads of their hair all left and all their luggage bags. At the end it showed some of the photos of people who had lots their life there during World War ll.




Birkenau camps were just unexplainable, seeing the size of the place and the endless amount of hunts within the concentration camp really put it into perspective. All the rooms where the mothers, fathers and children slept were incredible to see.




The Salt-mine is indescribable. After going 135 meters underground, just seeing every part around you is made of salt can be really hard to take in. All the work that the miners put into getting the salt made years ago, is really incredible to see.



The City

The city centre of Krakow is a beautiful traditional European city. With lovely unique buildings everywhere, each corner you turn you are surprised and amazed by every new site you see.