The Honeymoon


Heading to the Airport

So before we even got on the plane my husband came out with surprise t-shirts for us both. Lots of people were shouting for us at the airport but in all honestly I loved it.



Venice was amazing to see, I mean a city in water why would you not want to visit it! I loved every minute on the gondola and is something I will always remember. The Grand Canal was so beautiful and I loved sitting in Piazza San Marco just relaxing while there was music playing. There was so many different places to see the only problem was that you might come to a dead end or some water trying to find your way about lol.



Florence had to be my favourite place. It was so easy to get around without getting to lost. The pictures I have don’t do any justice to what it really looks like. And the view of the city from the top of the Michelangelo steps was so amazing and definitely my favourite bit of my honeymoon.



The leaning Tower of Pisa was so great to see. I had to pinch myself a few times that I actually there standing in front of it.




The Colosseum was spectacular to see. There was so much to see between there and all the ruins. We definitely kept the best part till last. Not really into history that much but found it hard to believe how a building like this was used all those year and most of it is still standing!


Spanish Steps and Fountain

The Spanish Steps are lovely to see and once you get to the top there is such a great view. The fountain was so beautiful. All of the fine detail that was put into the building I found quite amazing.


Everything else in Rome

There is also so many other places to see in Rome. St.Peter’s Square was beautiful to see. Also the Vatican museum was interesting (but did go on forever). There was a lot of sculptures in the museum, some of which I found really interesting others not so much. The Altare della Patria and Pantheon were also some of the most beautiful attractions in Rome.