I love to travel, always have and always will. I find it’s something if you start it then you just can’t stop, it’s addictive.

Having my invisible illness has never stopped me from going anywhere I wanted to go in the world. I always made it happen if I really wanted it hard enough. Even when I had my daughter within the first 3 months me and my family went travelling over some of the most beautiful places in Scotland like Cuzlean Castle, Dumfries House, Perth and the Highlands.

Travelling is something I would truly recommend to anyone as it is:

  • adventurous
  • relaxing
  • fun
  • enjoyable
  • gives you freedom
  • learning curve
  • educational

Below are some of my favourite destination I have ever been to.



The Honeymoon   Heading to the Airport So before we even got on the plane my husband came out with surprise t-shirts for us both. Lots of people were shouting for us at the airport but in all honestly I loved it.   Venice Venice was amazing to see, I mean a city in water… Continue reading Italy


Why Would you not want to visit Scotland?     Loch Katrine Loch Katrine is a beautiful area in the highlands of Scotland where you can take boat trips and have a lovely lunch. It is also where I got engaged and I am going on holiday after my wedding, so not sure why you… Continue reading Scotland


  The city I’ll never forget     Horse Guards Parade Horse Guards Parade is a lovely building in London that isย the official entrance to St James’s and Buckingham Palace. The area is so large that it is used for the ceremonial parade ground in St James’s Park and is the scene of Trooping the… Continue reading London

New York

    All my favourite places in the city that never sleeps     Time Square Time Square is so amazing to see both during the day and at night. All the bright lights, the busyness, the food, the shows and the street entertainment. To me it was just embracing that moment of actually being… Continue reading New York


  The City of Art     The City Barcelona is a gorgeous city with so much to see and do. There is lots of lovely shops and restaurants and the architecture is so incredible. There are so many beautiful builds designed by different architects like Gaudi and Jean Novel. I would definitely recommend getting… Continue reading Barcelona


  This city that fought through it all     Auschwitz Auschwitz camps were so upsetting to see. Our tour guide starting crying within the first 5 minutes then that was me off crying too. Seeing all the small rooms where the Jewish people slept, their toilets, all their clothes and the children clothes, especially… Continue reading Krakow