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My training techniques involves getting to know you and work with you through exercise that doesn’t envolve big gym equipment and can be done anywhere. I will guide you through every exercise and will also be there to help you with your nutrition. Start your journey with me today!

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One – to – One Training with continual support to become a healthier you.


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If you don't feel comfortable training by yourself then this it the perfect way to become a fitter and much healthier you.


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My consultations give you everything you need to get started. I will get to know you more, learn what your goal may be and work on a healthy and nutritional plan for you.



Life is all about BALANCE It really is not as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. It is all about balancing your: family friends work hobbies time to yourself ‘some days you put  on your yoga pants and eat lots of salad and some days you eat cupcakes and relax on the couch,… Continue reading Balance


  Yoga is no different from any other sports or other things in life, you do not just wake up and you can do it, it takes lots of practice. Through continual practice you will be able to grow and progress further into yoga. Practicing yoga helps to change your mental attitude and helps you… Continue reading Practice


    MIND BODY and SPIRIT     Through continual practice, my progression in yoga is continuing to grow.     With these images you can see the difference within just a couple of months, through my practice.     In yoga you will always be progressing. There is really no beginner or advanced stage… Continue reading Progression