Importance of Practice

I used to always think that if you want something you had to make a goal in your head to get it. Only recently have I realised that is not always the case…..

I have found that goals are still important, but what do you do after you reach the GOAL, the RESULT or the SUCCESS? Do you just stop? No you have to keep going, you have to keep practising so you can grow and learn more!

There are many examples of this in life, one may be learning to ride a bike. Once you learn you must continue riding regularly or else you will be back at the beginning of learning to ride.

Another is losing weight. Once you have reach your goal weight through healthy eating and exercise, unless you continue to maintain and grow further, you will just go back to your old ways from before and may end up putting the weight back on.

In my case, it would be my poses throughout my yoga practice. If I am not practising various poses on a regularly bases then I will struggle to grow further into the pose. I have seen this happen to me many times. I may have been on holiday or felt I had no time and some poses have not improved or even went back to where they were when I started yoga.

If you feel you can not maintain your practice, then you will not grow further, you will not learn and you will not be successful.

It is not a result if you can’t maintain it!

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