Labelling Others

Why do we put a LABEL on other people?

So many people stick a label on someone before they even know them. Whether it is because of their:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Income
  • Religion
  • Interests
  • Style
  • Intelligence
  • Weight
  • Personality
  • Personal Life
  • Health

I will be honest and admit in the past I put a label on someone before I knew them because I didn’t like their personality whenever I was around them. But the truth was I didn’t really know them and it wasn’t until we finally spent some time together just the two of us I really get to know her and realised how nice she was. I feel if I hadn’t put a label on her then maybe we could have become friends sooner.

A lot of people put a label on someone due their health condition, they see the condition first and not the person. This is one label that really annoy’s me, due to being labelled with epilepsy. People just assume you can’t do this and can’t do that because you have an illness! For over 18 years I’ve been proving the world wrong and that will continue. Just because of your health issues doesn’t mean that is how you should be looked at as a person.

When I went to college this was one area I studied. As a lot of children are labelled by how their parents look, act or care for their child. Are they well dressed? Are they polite? Do they give enough attention to their child? Being a parent myself and a early years practitioner I also think this is an awful way to look at children. It is a hard job and sometimes I am not always well dressed when taking my daughter to nursery or she is not always in the best of moods but this doesn’t mean I’m a bad parent and I don’t care for her. This is the same for all other parents out there, to have everything perfect 24/7 is just not possible but that doesn’t mean a label should be put on us.

Before you stick a label on someone try and think about this first, do we really know them? Are we just making an assumption about them, when really we don’t know anything about them, for example think about:

What is their life like?

What are they going through personally?

What are they really like as a person (they could be nice and friendly, for all we know)?

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover


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