Let It Go

I find it quite hard being a mum to let go of things that involve my daughter. When it comes to any situation maybe at nursery or out playing in the garden with the dog, its always the case of I Need To Know what has happened to her and then How I Can Fix It.

I think this is only natural as a parent. When any situation arises it’s only natural to want to make everything better. This can also be the case for anyone, not just mums. You just want to make everything better for everyone you love and care for. Unfortunately there does come a time where we all just have to sit, wait, be patient and LET IT GO.

By being able to let go is how children and people learn. Child learn through their boundaries and exploring. Adults learn through being able to move on from situations throughout their life.

Being able to let go of negative situations in your life is very important. It is important to put the past in the past, move on and LET IT GO or else it will continue to rattle in your head forever. There also comes situation where nothing can be done, nothing can be fixed and all you can do is LET IT GO.

A lot of people can find it difficult to let go of possession and they just want to keep hold of everything and anything. By letting go of the past and living each day in the present it can not only help you to let go of possessions but also live more freely. By living in the present and looking at what your possessions bring to you; do you use them, do you even touch them or do they just collect dust. It allows you to see them for what they really are or if you should just LET THEM GO.

This can also apply to people. Is there someone in your life who you are just holding on to and can’t find the strength to let go? Are you finding yourself the one holding on to them, do they ever contact you or are you just wasting your time? If you can relate to these situations it really is time to move on. I myself have had friends and relationships where I’ve just wanted to keep holding on, hoping that things will get better and everything will be FIXED, but in the end, found out the hard way that I needed to LET IT GO!

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