Invisible Illness

Having an invisible illness is a job in itself. As to the rest of the world you look very normal but really your body is working 24/7 harder than anyone could ever understand.

An invisible illness can make you feel happy one day and sad the next. The most annoying part is no one can really understand or even believes how you feel. It definitely has it’s up and downs that is for sure. One day I can be feeling great then the next day I take a seizure.

Throughout the past 18 years epilepsy has definitely been a big part of my life, though I’ve tried several times to ignore it and forget about it and just get on with a normal life. It is only in the past year that I have realised that my epilepsy is a part of who I am and the person I have become and if someone has a problem with that then that is their problem. My epilepsy has made me the person I am to this day and as much as I have been fighting it throughout all these years, I have now learned to stop fighting it and embrace it.

By learning to embrace my invisible illness I no longer see the negatives every day or I am no longer blaming my epilepsy for ruining my life. I am able to live in the present moment and take one day at a time. I find that throughout each day there is always something good and when the bad moment comes they pass so quickly.

My epilepsy has taught me so much throughout the years, but here are the keys things I’ve learnt:

I am fighter, I’m not fighting

Positive attitude

It is a journey

To live every moment


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