Finding Yourself

When I was younger I felt it so important to fit in with the group and do all the same things as your friends like shopping, cinema or out for a couple of drinks. Especially when I was in my early 20’s it was sooooo important we all had to look the best with the coolest clothes and always having our hair and make up perfect everyday.

I done everything possible to look normal and to fit in, even though deep down I knew it wasn’t me and the real me was crying to get out.

I knew I needed to find the real me and she definitely wasn’t here underneath all this matching clothes and make up.

I started to google a lot, thinking google will find who I am and fix this whole thing – but it didn’t. It took a lot of time for me to come of out the bubble I had been in for 10 years just following the crowd. Most important I found any support for love ones is always a strength never a weakness and you should always embrace it. During my ups and downs they were always the ones who kept me standing, even though I may not have known who I was yet they always did.

After a couple of years outside the bubble I finally made progress and started to see the light. I found my real friends and new family, what my hobbies are and what my dislikes are. The best part was I could be myself, and I found the most important thing is if your not yourself then who are you???

The truth is I didn’t find myself at all – I created my real self and to me that is even better!

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