Looking NORMAL on the outside

Having an invisible illness can be not just draining on your body but also a strain on your mind. You can feel tired more than others, feel a lot more stressed or anxious than the average person and feel you’re just not as fast and with it as all your friends. One day everything is great then the next not so good then the next is the worst day of your life. Your emotions are everywhere as one minute you feel happy, the next a bit anxious and irritated, the next you feel sad, then feel angry and then your body goes back to happy. It feels like a not stop cycle of emotions that will never end, though on the outside to everyone else you look NORMAL!

  • Normal to your family
  • Normal to your friends
  • Normal to my work colleague
  • Normal to my neighbour
  • Normal to the till woman at supermarket
  • Normal to the man out walking his dog
  • Normal to the the family in the restaurant


Everybody is different and you are especially unique as you have a condition in which only you can see it, feel it and experience it.

Your probably now thinking why would anyone ever want an invisible illness. That’s true nobody would probably every ask to have an invisible illness, though the people who do receive the gift should embrace there journey as they are the strongest fighters of all and the ones who never give up. They may have their good and bad days but they are anything but NORMAL!

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