Appreciating the little things

A few years back when I had my daughter all I wanted was the best for her as every mum does. My goals back then were to make sure we had a roof over our head and further my career as I new it would be difficult as I was a single mum at the time.

I would never have thought that 3 and half years later I would own my own house, have graduated from college, have met my soul mate and be getting married to him in the castle of my dreams in May.

I realised that having my daughter has really changed my life for the better. Both me and her now have someone in our life who is always there for us. I have a loving and supportive family. It shows that if you actually work hard on what you want it may actually come true.

I find dreams will not come true if you keep saying to yourself I want this and I want that! It is important that you learn to appreciate everything you already have. Even the smallest of things like clothes and fresh water or it could be the friends and family around you. The smallest bit of appreciation goes a long way.

‘If you are not able to appreciate what you all ready have in your life then your life will never get better, it will never grow and dreams will never come true!’

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